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Buzzfeed Quiz Alert: Which Jimmy Fallon Are You?

You were totally done doing any work for the rest of the day anyway, so here’s a fun quiz to play with. Definitely curious to see which you guys get!

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I got:

“Real Housewife” Jimmy Fallon

"You’re a queen, and you know it. You love to entertain because you’re the only one who you can trust with the details. When making new friends, you’re a tough screen — but that’s just because you only associate with the best of the best. Don’t let other people’s drama bring you down. You’re focused, fabulous, and ain’t got the time for anyone basic."

So I went under hypnosis again.

The events board brought this speaker who gave a talk about social media. He’s also a magician and a hypnotist, so near the end of the show, a few of us got hypnotized. The good news is that I didn’t do anything embarrassing like last time. Bad news is that someone else on the events board went up and looked as though he regretted it after coming out of it.

I’m a bit happy because I didn’t do anything embarrassing and that someone else on the events board was there with me. But to be fair, when I was talking to the speaker beforehand, I told him I was a little hesitant without telling him of last time.

Now I’m relaxing in my room, watching last’s night episode of Late Night. Then tomorrow, I’ll be busy preparing for Relay, which is tomorrow night!

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